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Our network of creative coaches are passionate about helping you thrive in your creative career. They are all experienced accredited coaches, with different styles and methods. Every single coach can help you reach your goals. But we know you’re unique too. We want you to feel connected and to enjoy the process. That’s why we’ve created a simple system that means you benefit from sampling one hour’s intensive coaching with the Coach of your choice. You’ll get instant support and help with a key challenge or two. Then if you feel the chemistry is right, you can book a package of 4 sessions, depending on your circumstances, timeframe and budget.



Coaching and Mentoring are both beneficial to a successful creative career. But they offer support in different ways.


Working with a creative coach is like having your car serviced by an experienced mechanic.

They work alongside you to get under the bonnet and fine tune your engine, so you’re firing on all cylinders.

They train you to change your oil, fix your brake pads and show you which parts to attend to in future, to keep your motor running.

It’s a shorter service, resulting in a powerful vehicle primed for the creative journey ahead.


Working with a creative mentor is like being given a detailed roadmap to your ideal destination, from a trusted explorer who knows the best route.

They’ll provide reliable directions, signaling which is the best route to get you there safely and quickly.

They’ll recommend great places to stop and take in the view, and if you get stuck along the way they’ll be on hand to help you retrace your steps or find a shortcut. 

There’s really no need to struggle on your creative journey alone.

We can help.

Tell us more about your current circumstances and goals and we can help you find the right coach or mentor.



  • A creative coach is a qualified coaching professional with a background or interest in the arts. 
  • They ask powerful, incisive questions that unlock unhelpful thoughts and patterns of behavior and reveal new possibilities and avenues to explore. 
  • They draw on industry tools and exercises to facilitate new habits that affect positive change and build confidence.
  • Coaching programmes are usually fairly short-term, objective driven, working towards a specific goal or outcome determined together.


  • A creative mentor is an established artist or arts professional.
  • They offer advice, ideas and insight drawing on their own experience. 
  • A mentor can help you address a specific challenge such as improving your artist statement or professional CV, reviewing your portfolio, applying for a job or funding.
  • They will champion you, provide recommendations and fresh perspectives.


“A creative mentor is an established artist or arts professional”

“They offer advice, ideas and insight drawing on their own experience”