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Apply to work with Ceri HERE. Due to high demand, there is currently a waiting list for new clients. However, we have an amazing group of Associate Coaches or Associate Mentors available to book by clicking HERE. They have each been carefully selected by Ceri for their coaching and mentoring experience and incredible results.

You can book Ceri for a lecture or keynote speech by clicking HERE.  You can select from a series of pre-prepared lectures, request a bespoke lecture or a keynote speech for an event.

A creative coach is a qualified coaching professional with a background or interest in the arts.They help you master your own thoughts and practice new habits to affect significant change in your professional and personal life. Coaching programmes are usually fairly short-term, objective driven, working towards a specific goal or outcome determined together, such as applying for a senior leadership position, earning more money or overcoming imposter syndrome.

A creative mentor is an established artist or arts professional that offers advice, ideas and insight drawing on their own experience. They can help address a specific professional challenge such as improving your artist statement or CV, reviewing a portfolio, managing a creative business or making new inroads into the industry.

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You can also buy our self-study course  How to Price & Sell Your Work – 5 Steps to Successful Sales

Knowledge is power, and this course helps you gain a deeper understanding of how art work is priced, sold and marketed so you can start earning an income from your work.

If art schools or artist studio groups are interested in block buying the course please CONTACT US HERE

You can also access our FREE RESOURCES page on this website. Packed full of our recommended links to galleries, art fairs, opportunities, funding organisations, podcasts, books, documentaries, awards and more! 

It’s updated regularly with free guides written by Ceri and arts specialists designed to support you on your creative journey. 

You can also access our ELEVATION blog. With an amazing archive of interviews sharing illuminating insight, advice and tips from an amazing range of contemporary artists and professionals to help you navigate the arts.