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Ceri’s coaching is your pathway to realising your creative ambitions.



Ceri’s expertise lies in coaching both established and mid-career artists and creative professionals. Her transformative approach guarantees clients not only attain their goals but also experience lasting change.

Make the most of your time and achieve remarkable results through personal 1-2-1 creative coaching:

Unleash Your Creative Talent: Amplify your artistic abilities and potential.

Elevate Your Creative Practice: Propel your creative journey to new heights.

Amplify Earnings and Prospects: Unlock new opportunities and financial growth.

Cultivate Creative Confidence: Develop a newfound sense of confidence in your creativity.

Experience the transformative power of my distinctive 5 C’s Framework.

Unlock your brilliance, define your creative DNA, cultivate invaluable champions, boost your confidence, and turn your lifelong passion into substantial earnings.”

Ceri provides two exclusive, bespoke coaching packages for committed contemporary artists and creative professionals.


This package symbolises:

Unparalleled Growth: A year-long immersion to reach new heights in your creative endeavours.

Outstanding Excellence: Your work will stand out, captivating audiences with its brilliance, leading to increased recognition and engagement.

Expansive Opportunities: A world of prospects awaits you.

Influential Connections: Forge lasting bonds with industry luminaries.

What’s Included?

48 Personalised Sessions: Continuous guidance for your unique creative journey.

Strategic Goal Setting: Craft a roadmap to manifest your creative and financial dreams.

Dedicated Coaching: Ceri’s unwavering commitment to your success.

Creative Luminary: Join Ceri’s esteemed inner circle of creative visionaries and thought leaders.

Premium Resources: Exclusive tools and insights to amplify your creativity and income generation.

Influential Connections: Forge valuable relationships with industry leaders.

Thriving Community: Join a supportive network of like-minded creatives.

FREE “How to Price & Sell Your Art” Course: Unlock the secrets to pricing and selling your art with confidence, a £750 value, included with your Emerald Package!

£13,800 (including taxes)



A transformational journey where your unique creative talents and aspirations are nurtured, refined, and amplified like never before.

This package is designed to enhance your inner brilliance:

Accelerated Growth: Together, you’ll set and achieve ambitious creative milestones.

Elevated Excellence: Your work will reach new levels of inspiration and impact.

Expanded Horizons: A world of opportunities will unfold before you.

What’s Included?

24 Personalised Sessions: Tailored guidance for your unique journey.

Goal-Oriented Coaching: Craft a roadmap to achieve your creative ambitions.

Continuous Support: Ceri’s unwavering dedication to your success.

Exclusive Resources: Access to tools and insights to supercharge your creativity.

£7,200 (including taxes)


Don’t let your dreams linger on the horizon. Step into the spotlight of your creative potential and turn your dreams into reality.

If Ceri is your ideal coach and you’re ready to make the step towards change, apply now by completing the form below. With a proven track record, demand is high for limited spots each year.

We will review your application and schedule a strategy call with Ceri as soon as possible.

Please check out the FAQs below in case we’ve got it covered and it saves you time, or contact us at if you have any additional queries. 


A creative coach is a qualified coaching professional with a background or interest in the arts.They help you master your own thoughts and practice new habits to affect significant change in your professional and personal life. Coaching programmes are usually fairly short-term, objective driven, working towards a specific goal or outcome determined together, such as applying for a senior leadership position, earning more money or overcoming imposter syndrome.

A creative mentor is an established artist or arts professional that offers advice, ideas and insight drawing on their own experience. They can help address a specific professional challenge such as improving your artist statement or CV, reviewing a portfolio,applying for funding, managing a creative business or making new inroads into the industry.

Every individual is different, but issues that come up regularly for artists and creative professionals include:

Self-confidence and imposter syndrome, decision making skills, productivity and time management, delegating tasks and collaborating with others, communication, influencing and  presenting skills and leading and managing change.

Whatever the focus area for improvement is, the coaching process generates more self-awareness, emotional intelligence and confidence in all areas.

Every individual is different, but issues that come up regularly for artists and creative professionals include presentation skills, switching careers, working with galleries, writing applications, and networking. The mentor will provide their perspective and offer any reflections on things they themselves have tried or that they are aware of that may help.

Coaching has become a popular tool for anybody who wants to maximise their own potential and make significant positive change in their work and home life. Coaching is for anybody who wants to change old unhelpful stories or patterns of behaviour, who has a growth mindset, wants to learn more about their capabilities or improve their wellbeing or earning potential. It’s for anybody ready to commit to the transformational process. Coaching is usually most impactful when you have a specific challenge you want to address or goal you want to reach. It requires a commitment from both the coach and coachee in order to bring about change. 

1. You establish rapport
2. You define the goals and aims of the coaching programme
3. You identify the priority issue of day
4. You reframe and explore solutions together
5. Discuss relevant strategies
6. Agree an action plan
7. Set accountability measures
8. If you’re both happy to continue, agree to the coaching package and focus of the work
9. Agree the date and time of the next session.  

Mentoring is useful for anybody who wants to progress their career, or learn how to approach new challenges or aspects of their industry. Working with a mentor is like having a critical friend, somebody who wants to help you get ahead and who gives you some tips on things to try, who to speak to, organisations, networks or tools that might aid your personal or professional growth.

As a general rule, sessions are not recorded, for client and coach privacy and data protection. (Please refer to our Tc’s & C’s). However, if you have an access requirement please discuss your request to record coaching sessions with your coach before you sign the coaching agreement.

No, they do not, unless it’s a prompt to send you a link or resource.

You can see our associates profiles by clicking on their photos above. These are designed to give you an insight into their areas of expertise and approach, combined with testimonials from previous clients. The coaches and mentors have honed their own skills and techniques to help all artists and creative professionals get more from their creative careers and life. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at  if you want to discuss a selection in advance. 

You can see the hourly rate and package deals listed clearly next to each coach’s profile. This rate is carefully benchmarked in partnership with the coach based on their level of experience and accreditations. Coaching is usually a little more expensive than mentoring, which reflects the rigorous training and accreditation process the coaches undertake, in addition to their professional experience. Coaching is also usually a shorter term process, but the results clients experience can be life changing and long lasting.

Yes. We request that every client has received their funding BEFORE booking a session, joining Ceri’s coaching waiting list or applying for a membership in our new community. We’re a small dedicated team at Ceri Hand and unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to liaise with funding organisations or chase payments. Please contact us at if you have further questions about your funding or how to obtain funding for our services. 

This is a simple process- the booking link will take you to the calendar of your chosen associate, where you can book and pay for an initial one hour session at a mutually convenient time. After this initial session, you can either book further single sessions through the associates calendar, or get in touch via email to book a package of 4, 6, 8 or 12, depending on your needs.”

Your coach will send you a booking link for your individual session or package that enables you to make payment via credit or debit card using our Stripe secure payment process. All individual sessions must be paid for in advance to secure your booking. Coaching packages can be paid monthly or in one lump sum using the same method.

Yes. Most of our coaches are happy to accept payments in instalments for coaching or mentoring programs. 

All sessions take place online via Zoom. You will receive the link in your booking email. We strongly advise you to check this when your booking email is received and please contact us or your Coach if you have any problems viewing or accessing this in advance of your session. Further information about the online sessions can be found in our T&Cs

Yes, Ceri Hand and all of our Associate Coaches are fully qualified by recognised coaching bodies and adhere to the International Coaching Federation code of ethics. They have completed a minimum of 100 hours of client coaching and have been personally recruited by Ceri Hand, based on a thorough selection process and positive client testimonials. They attend monthly supervision sessions with Ceri Hand and the Ceri Hand Coaching and Mentoring Community. 

You must have 1 initial session with a coach to ensure you’re both happy to work together. After this, you’re free to book a package where you can pay in advance at a discounted rate to block book 4 sessions* with that specific coach.

*Please note that this block booking cannot be spread across different coaches or mentors and must be used on one. 

Please read our T&Cs for more information.

You can cancel and rearrange your booking if it’s 48 hours before the booked time. If you cancel or try to change the booking within 48 hours of the appointment, you will lose your slot. This is because we cannot guarantee a replacement booking at this short notice and the coach will lose the booking fee. Read our T&Cs for more information.

If you’re not happy with your coach, mentor or session, please do tell your coach or mentor whenever possible. They are bound by our terms and conditions to acknowledge, respect and address any issues and will welcome and respect your feedback. They are experts in facilitating these kinds of conversations and your success is their success.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable addressing it with your coach directly or would prefer to speak to us, please do get in touch by emailing We’ll reply to you within 24 hours and help resolve any issues.

We recommend you work with one coach at a time, for at least 4 sessions to build up trust, create an effective working relationship and facilitate change. This should create the best results. 

You can select an alternative coach if you don’t feel the chemistry is right after your initial session.

If you’re an accredited creative coach or mentor and you like our mission and the work we do, please contact for a registration form. We welcome applications from friendly, experienced creative coaches and mentors who are ambitious for their clients and keen to make positive change in the industry.

For any further questions or help please contact us at